It’s been awhile since I posted…

Macro Shot of squid eye
Macro shot of a squid eye

I wanted to let everyone know I haven’t disappeared… have been very busy with work (got to pay the bills for diving somehow) and school (getting my Masters degree).    Anyway, I just got back from the most amazing trip ever where not only did I get to do some great diving, but also learn from some of the worlds leading experts in underwater photography, videography, editing, photo manipulation, and much more.   I will start very soon with a series of posts about the trip, my experiences, what I learned, and so much more.  My work, way of looking at potential shots, and how to make the most out of the equipment and tools I have is now completely transformed and significantly for the better.  Thank you to all the staff at Backscatter, Erin Quigley, and Mary-Lynn Price who have opened my eyes to a whole new level of shooting.  Hopefully you all will see the fruits of this effort in my future work.

Thanks and stay tuned for the Little Cayman Digital Shootout 2012 series.

Louis Kahn

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