New Year, new resolution: DIVE more… oh and lose weight!

Mandarin fish shot in the Philippines

Now that we have started a new year (2012, so hopefully the world isn’t going to end), I plan on making a new years resolution to lose weight (doesn’t everyone) and most importantly dive more.  Hopefully diving more will increase weight loss as I have read several reports that suggest an hour of diving burns 500-1000 calories (who knew doing something fun could burn so much fat).   With that in mind, my goal for 2012 is to do a lot more local diving here in the Pacific Northwest (and add a bunch of new video and photo images to my blog from local dives) as well as do more dive travel this year as well.   I know I will be in the Caribbean in March of this year and plan on getting some diving there, plus I am sure I will make an appearance at least once in Hawaii towards the end of the year.  Other than that, I think it would be really cool to attend the Digital Shootout 2012 in Little Cayman this year.  That event will get me two big fixes, one is of course diving itself, and the other is access to the latest in underwater photography and videography technology and knowledge.

So, everyone have a GREAT 2012, and lets get diving!!!

Thank you  for your continued reading of this blog, it makes diving even more fun because I can share my passion with my readers.  Looking forward to a great and dive-ful year.