My Diving Adventures

Winner of 2014 Digital Shootout Contest
Winner of 2014 Digital Shootout Contest

I have so much content I need to update and post here, I have been pretty negligent in keeping my new content flowing for all to see.   


Want to see my Youtube channel, click this link and you can see videos I may not have had time to update on this page but have uploaded, like quick clips:

I still have been very bad about taking the massive amounts of content I have and editing it to be worthy of showing.  Here is a quick and dirty video I did from my trip to the Solomon Islands.

And I still have this, my amazing encounter with a Spotted Eagle Ray.   Please watch this amazing  experience I had with this angelic creature.

Also if you never saw it, here is one of the very first videos I ever shot underwater of an underwater sculpture park.

I will continue to update videos and images as soon as I can…  I want to get back into regular updates, but for now, please enjoy this live feed from my aquarium.  It’s a work in progress.



5 thoughts on “My Diving Adventures”

  1. Great blog! Never dived, but I know it would be a cool experience. One of my favorite mentor’s Jerry Garcia, found solace and delight when diving, so I’m sure it is a noble pursuit. My blog deals with a novel series, the blogs I write deal with the human condition. Well good luck in reaching the depth that suits you. GS

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