I would love to hear from you….

I know I love to dive, it’s in my blood now.  When I have the chance, I want to be in the water all the time, and if I don’t have a camera with me I feel somewhat naked.  This is why I created this blog, to share the love of diving and the cool photo’s and video’s that I make with others who might share the passion for the sport.  I am still learning, both diving as well as video and photography.  If you have comments and feedback on my blogging skills, my diving, places I have been, equipment I use, suggestions for better photography and videography, please share it with me.   I welcome all feedback and want to continue to improve.   Some of my photo’s are overly “blue” which is a common problem underwater, and I am working both on getting better equipment to help with that (notably lights and camera) as well as improving my skills in post production.   I also hope to improve my video post-production quality to produce entertaining and exciting video content that not only shows off the amazing things I have seen, but also adds a sense of wonder and awe with better editing and scoring.  I am always looking for help and advice and so if you have some to give, please feel free to share.

Thanks for coming to my blog.

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