Just back from diving in the Caribbean…


I just got back from some great diving while in the Caribbean from March 17th – March 24th, 2012.   I got to do diving in Grenada, Barbados and Dominica.     I will be posting many videos and photos from the dives, but wanted to get the first video posted as soon as possible.   Just finished editing and putting this together of a dive through Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park which felt a little like diving in a sunken city.  It was very cool and if you ever get a chance to dive there, I highly recommend it.

Please enjoy this video I put together with the best highlights of video and photo’s from this dive.  Note that I had to use my backup Sony TX7 camera due to a mixup with Fedex, so I didn’t have the NEX7 camera that would have shot this with much higher quality.  But I did have my new lights, the Light and Motion Sola 1200 and 800 to use with the TX7.

This video can also be found directly at YouTube here: http://youtu.be/Zmy0o7Zk4wg