My tropical dive gear…

When I travel someplace warm, I have my travel gear I take with me.   First, I use the coolest travel bag called a DiveCady Gen 2 (  This system lets me pack almost all of my dive gear, and easily get through TSA at the airport and on the plane.   I love it.

My regulator is an Atomic B-2 ( which I have really enjoyed using as well.  This is actually my reg I use for warm and cold water diving and I never go anywhere near the water without it.

My tropical BCD is a Scubapro Litehawk ( and it really lives up to its name when it comes to small/compact but fully capable BCD’s.

My Dive Computer is a Uwetec Galileo Luna by Scubapro (   This is a very capable dive computer and I have really enjoyed using it, however, the screen can sometimes be a bit hard to read in the water.  The nice thing about this computer is the ability to upgrade it to add more capabilities if you need them in the future.

Mask/Fins/Booties/stinger are nothing special, but they do the job for me.  I tend to not be too picky about such things.

Also, you may notice I have not listed any thermal (wetsuit) because I do not wear thermal if the water is above 70 degrees.   I tend to not get cold and the feel of being unencumbered by a wetsuit is a wonderful feeling in the water.   The stinger suit (basically nylon/lycra body suit) protects me from sun exposure and of course, stingers in the water, but that is about it.

I love this equipment and it travels quite well.

If you have any questions about this equipment, let me know, happy to answer any/all questions.

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